What a tough few days. I have to remind myself who I am and where I came from.
Sometimes I just want to give up, but I tell myself, you have to be strong, do not let
the devil win. When you have a troubled back and spine, some days are just rough. I
start reminding myself Jesus has already taken my pain away, but I still
get very discouraged.
I focus on what is so good in my life. I speak positive words, I listen to good
christian music, uplifting songs that cleanse the negative energy.

May God surround and protect each of us with His shield. Let us walk with
humble confidence knowing that we have everything we need because we
have Him. May our eyes of faith help see what we cannot. May our sense
of God’s purpose keep us moving forward, and His amazing love for us
heal those deep places in our soul. May He anoint us and walk thoroughly
in our lives totally and completely transformed.
I read this somewhere I believe a girl named Susie wrote it, it may not
be completely her words verbatim but it is close. Think positive even
at the hardest times.

Blessings, Lyn

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