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I was out shopping at TJ Maxx – I do love to shop there.  I found this shampoo awhile ago and fell in love with it. I have very thin colored hair and this seems to keep it in check. By that I mean a little less frizzy and more manageable when freshly shampooed.  Let me know if you have experienced this wonderful stuff in a bottle.

Oh and forgot to mention …. the price makes you love it just a bit more!

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To me this is truly hairs favorite shampoo/conditioner/hair spray 🙂 ENJOY – Please share your favorites with us.


Although I do love this shampoo it is not good to use at every washing. It is good for your hair to change the poos you use and do a deep cleaning once every two to three weeks. This method is usually called clarifying. Now you can buy expensive shampoo for this, but clearly you do not need to. Also nexxus has come out with something new … I have heard rave reviews on this product … this is silicone free and colorant free.

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Here is a good cleaning method that I have used for years. Use about 12 oz distilled water add about one teaspoon of seventh generation clear dish soap and a lemon. Wet hair and pour the water and dish soap mixture over your hair, rinse throughly,  take your cut lemon in the shower and squeeze it over your hair (I squeeze my lemon in a small cup its much easier) 😉

Wait for about 2 minutes and rinse with cool water. Towel dry your hair very gently, what for a good 10 minutes after removing your towel to comb your hair (if you got that much time).
At first your hair will feel so clean – like you need conditioner, let it be and go about styling as usual. This will keep the build up off your hair and it will be much happier.  You can also use 12 oz water to about a tablespoon of baking soda. Do it the same way, wet hair, shake your mixture of baking soda to distilled water and pour it over your hair. Everybody is different, and everybody has different textured hair, so do what suits your locks. Happy clarifying 🙂

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