The love of all things natural, think of this – what goes on goes in. Check your ingredients, and remember this simple rule, if you cannot pronounce it your body probably cannot process it.

Bellezza Body was founded with the single desire of making the best natural and beneficial skin care products. Making a natural product takes more effort and can be costly, but the results are worth every bit. We have seen natural foods and earthly diets improve our health and felt the same way towards what we use on our skin. Try our products and you will feel the difference on your skin! Our family members have suffered from various skin challenges such as eczema, dry skin, acne, etc. The Bellezza Body products have been awesome at soothing our dry skin, moisturizing, and has even helped to improve eczema. We test every product before we make it available to the public, in our soaps we never use dyes, chemicals, or unnatural ingredients (you can actually read the ingredients on our labels).

Our Product

We produce natural handcrafted skin care products without harmful additives, chemical, or dyes. There are no fancy cupcake soaps, glitter soaps, or decorative soaps in our product line. We focus on blending together complimentary essential oils, shea, cocoa, and mango butters, herbs, and base oils to produce healthy beneficial soap for various types of skin. Read the descriptions for each of our soaps to learn more about the ingredients, essential oils used, and of course the benefits of going all natural.

Our Goal

Making a product that helps others is very rewarding, and we want to produce the item(s) YOU need.


God Bless


Bellezza Body Soaps