Handmade Soaps

These are a few of my favorite handmade soaps. Read more about soaps here.

Hand Cut Bar Weight – Approx. 5 oz. (NEW LARGER BAR) pH Level -8

Goat’s Milk w/vanilla – $6.50
Blended: coconut, olive, avocado, almond,
castor, rice bran oils, goat’s milk, shea butter,
vanilla fragrance oil.
Goat’s Milk w/basil lemongrass – $6.50
Blended: coconut, olive, avocado, palm kernel,
castor, rice bran oils, goat’s milk, cocoa butter,
basil and lemongrass essential oil.
Goat’s Milk (no essential oils) – $6.50
Blended: coconut, olive, avocado, castor,
rice bran, palm kernel, goat’s milk, kaolin
clay, cocoa butter.
Baby Dolce – $6.50
Blended: coconut, olive, sweet almond, and castor
oils in an aloe vera base, cocoa, shea, and mango
butters, infused with finely ground gluten free oats.
Lavender Lemongrass – $6.50
Blended: coconut, olive, palm, grape seed,
avocado, and castor oils, aloe vera, cocoa
butter, organic lavender, lemongrass,
turmeric, rosemary essential oils, organic
cayenne spice, natural alkanet root for color.
Yuzu Calendula – $6.50
Blended: coconut, olive, palm kernel,
rice bran, castor oils, mango butter,
yuzu, orange, and calendula essential oils.
One of Bellezza Body’s most loved soaps.
 Jasmine Rose – $3.50
Blended: coconut, olive, sweet almond,
sunflower, palm oils, aloe vera, jasmine,
rose, and bergamot essential oils.
This bar is one of our most fragrant.
Jasmine Rose are only available in 3 oz
bars for now.  There will be a 5 oz
bar available soon.
 more to come …