Chicken Veggie Salad

piggy spatula found at TJ Maxx

I always buy roasted chickens or roasted chicken breasts (all natural of course}. I frequently have a lot of left over chicken and fish so much I am always trying to be creative. Here are a few things I put in mine and boy was it yummy!  You can add it to crackers for a wonderful snack or put a heaping spoonful on some greens, or make a sandwich like I did for my husband. He loves sandwiches as all my kids did to. But for me making a sandwich is not so easy, and gluten free is expensive, but I have a bread I’ve learned how to make – I will post about my gf bread in the future;  its wonderful and takes all of about 10 minutes from box to oven.

Here are the ingredients I put in mine, if anybody else has a wonderful recipe please share it with me.

Chicken – about 2 breasts pulled from bones.
1/2 to 1 cup Mayonnaise – depending on how wet you like you mixture.
Lime – a squeeze
1/2 Onion chopped (omit if you hate onions of course)
2 hard boiled eggs
1/4 tsp. horseradish
1/2 tsp of good mustard
2 Tbl Relish (sweet)
1/4 cup of Ranch dressing (or a ranch spice packet – or any seasoning of your choice)
Grapes – 12 cut in half (more or less your choice) cranberries would be good as well
Broccolini – or small broccoli heads. (boil in water for 1 minute and remove from pan) place into bowl of ice water for a couple minutes to stop cooking, then drain for a few minutes.  You will get a wonderful green veggie look.
Cheddar cheese – if you please – add the amount you are comfortable with … or not 🙂
Last but not least … salt and pepper to taste.

All mixed up - Red bowl was purchased @ JCP
All mixed up
Red bowl was purchased @ JCP
Piggy spoon @ TJ Maxx – love my piggies
My hubbies lunch with baby arugula and extra mayo. Yes he loves his mayo :)
My hubbies lunch with baby arugula and extra mayo.
Yes he loves his mayo 🙂

Enjoy your chicken salad however you choose to make it – and don’t forget to share your recipes.

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