Easiest roasted chicken dinner ever?

Roasted chicken, wonderfully gluten free

Chicken is one of the most versatile dinners you can make.

You can make chicken soup, chicken tacos, chicken pizza, white chicken chili, chicken caesar salad, chicken salad, and so much more.
I’d say I eat more chicken than another meat. Fish is the next food of choice, that isn’t so versatile, but some would not agree. I rarely eat fish
other than just baked or sautéed.  If you have any good recipes that are easy and delicious please share below 🙂

I bought two chicken breasts – bone in skin on.
It seems to me these types have much more flavor
and tend more moist.

Wash your chicken – you really never know where its been 🙂

I added my fresh pesto to 1/2 stick real butter
no fake stuff here.

After cleaning pat your chicken dry so your pesto butter
will stick good. Add your choice of lemons or oranges,
if you like citrus on your chicken, I certainly do.

I roasted @ 400 for 30 minutes. Be sure you check with a meat thermometer
and make sure it reaches at least 160. Also, be sure and let it rest for at least
10 minutes so the juices will redistribute.
ENJOY with garlic mash potatoes and some green beans. Aw – heaven.


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