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Luci – my study buddyI learn a lot in the hour or so I set aside to read a message delivered so eloquently from Charles Stanley. I know reading the Bible will help us gain the serenity Christ wants us to obtain here on earth. I cannot recall a single teacher/preacher ever explaining to me how important prayer is, on the flip side… learning how to stop and let God speak to you.  In all my years, I have listened to many gospel sources, but the biggest mistake I made is not listening to the Almighty’s voice, the one that made a difference in the mistakes I made. I am so glad it is not too late. God says in Joshua 1:5 “No one will be able to stand against you as long as you live. For I will be with you as I was with Moses. I will not fail you or abandon you”.

There it is, written in the book of life, try to meditate on that verse for just one minute. I think I read it 5 times, boom then it hit me, these words are from God, what an enormous impact.  I can honestly say God has guided me through most of my life standing beside me so quietly and invisible. I know He is the reason I am so very blessed.

Luci - my study buddy

I think most Christians want to say, “I have read the bible from cover to cover” I never really put much thought into until I heard this message – meditation. Yep it is a word not to gaze at or glance over. Meditation is a word that means, STOP EVERYTHING, think about what you are reading and if you have to, read it again, and again, take careful consideration about what God is saying to you. Then open the doors of your heart and LISTEN. Aha, yes that is the precious words of Jesus, the son of God, the Holy Spirit, there is none other. He is The One.  If you have read the bible in a year, have you really had time to meditate on his direction, obedience, dedication, promises, and capabilities? If you live in a rushed world, and most of us do, then I definitely doubt you have done much meditating on God’s word. Yes, I know it stings, and hurts – I for one have to do better.

I hope this will encourage my loved ones to open the bible and learn how to meditate on His words. I encourage my son Alex to be strong and have courage to deal with what God has given him. I also try to encourage my husband Eddie to lean on God and his promises. Dig deeper for information and tell others all the wonders of the Word. I told my sister the other day my prayer list is as long as the Mississippi River. Praise the Lord; I guess that means more time spent with God.

Fear not my friends; God is living in us, with us, and through us. Be strong and of a good courage. God said so!

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