Love God with all you have takes more effort than one can realize, so I thought. Try the other way and
things will definitely change. I will not explain the change; you have to experience it for yourself.
It takes so much out of me when I feel like I have to explain to everyone why I love this Creator so much.
I want to say isn’t love and trust the key to life and everything that makes it worth being here? This love
and trust will affect everyone around you. It can be a true testimony in difficult trials.
Our world can make it easy to back slide with all the social media and so-called perfection as well as the
hype of ones self being the main frame of many posts we tend to forget what love and honestly is all about.
Fake has become the new normal, in reality it is making us more unsocial and
limited to the friendships we all so desire.
I find myself praying this pray more often now; “God” I pray, “show me how to be more like you, to love
unconditionally, to be silent when I am hurt, and to pray for the ones who hurt me.”
I am thankful for His love! I know it is not fake!

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